Saturday, June 27, 2009

It may take 2 years, but I´m learning...

I now reside in Nicaragua, Central America.  I knew before I arrived that one of my personal goals during my time here would be learning as much about the local gastronomy as possible.  There are many dishes and conceptions about food to learn (and endless new Spanish vocabulary words for me).  As usual, I am stepping up to the plate with an open mind...trying new foods, new drinks, new fruits, etc.  Since I am in the tropics, I am finally seeing some of the plants, at the source, that produce many of the common foods consumed in the states---for example coffee and chocolate.

Some new tastes that I hope to expand upon later:

Gallo pinto.  Probably the national dish of rice and beans.  A million and one ways to eat pig.  Tropical fruit frescos.  AND, I have produced my first batch of MANGO WINE, which came out quite tasty.

Las mujeres aqui tenemos la cuchara buena...the tasty spoon...they are great cooks.  I only wish there was a bit more food safety knowledge.