Monday, March 30, 2009

Lunch time reminder of backed up blogging

I just finished a wonderful salad for lunch, which took about 4 minutes to make:
-Herb-mix of greens from my local grocer
-A splash of lemon juice
-A heap of hummus
-A few black olives
-Feta crumbles
-Salt, pepper
-Topped with an over-[semi]-easy egg (first experienced that in France--great taste & great protein)
-A final drizzle of Laudemio extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany (the same producer makes some great wine!).

Keeping some crumbled feta and a small container of olives in the fridge really lets me add some Mediterranean flavor to my busy weekday eating. Having an excellent bottle of olive oil is a must in the kitchen (similar to salt!). This bottle of Laudemio that I purchased is amazing--hearty olive flavor, a spicy finish and a bright green color that I have seen in few other bottles.

The salad reminded me that I am quite behind on my blogging. I have been doing a lot of hasty cooking lately, often eating before I ever think to take a photo or two. You gotta do what you gotta do. I have also been processing hundreds of photos from my recent trip to Europe, which included stops in Italy and France. New food photos will be on the blog soon...along with some left over winter posts that are waiting in queue. Spring is here, a new season for food, and hopefully some interesting gastronomic blogging.