Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fried Ricotta Fritter Fun

Polpette di Ricotta
These were a special treat that I made a while back to experiment with frying a bit in my own kitchen. It's not often that I eat deep fried foods prepared at home and it is certainly not often that I eat anything that tastes as good as these. Although these ricotta fritters are far from healthy, consuming them certainly made me very happy (which is good for the heart) and hopefully the red wine worked its wonders.

I took this recipe idea from the September 2008 edition of SAVEUR magazine. I say idea, because I kinda forgot to measure amounts and I made one ingredient substitution based on what supplies Cucina D'Aquino had in stock. In place of chopped prosciutto I used a U.S. produced sweet sopressata, which did the trick just right. I followed the procedures for the recipe very closely and the fritters were a hit! They were little flavor bombs; panko bread crumbs formed a super crunchy, golden brown exterior that, once broken, released a somewhat gooey, salty explosion of rich, warm cheese, a little spice, and cured meat. When dipped in some homemade tomato sauce (with fresh, home grown basil) the flavor just decided to linger longer on the tongue. The sauce first added a welcome dose of sweetness to the savory fritter flavor, followed by some zing from the hot pepper flakes that had been cooked with the sauce. A sip of wine was almost necessary to finish pleasing my palate. This recipe was truly impressive and quite easy to make, despite the need for deep frying.

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