Monday, February 23, 2009

Michael Pollan on NPR

I heard this Terry Gross interview with Michael Pollan replayed recently on NPR. This is certainly not a breaking news event, but I thought I would share the link with any foodies and/or proactive consumers out there reading my blog. The inverview discusses problems with our nation's food system and some positive ideas for reform. In the long run, I believe that food policy reform can and will have a positive impact on public health.

In general, I find MP's ideas to be progressive and innovative. His journalism on food policy makes a lot of sense to me and I enjoy reading his work. I do understand that his view represents one side of a story and I have seen comments from some farmers that don't think his ideas are realistic. WELL, I have also seen writing from other farmers who do think that change is reasonable, responsible and realistic. Change is difficult, people often seem to fear it. Especially when lots of money is involved.

Other writers to take a look at are Marion Nestle and Joel Salatin, both of which I stumbled upon in my college library in recent years. Salatin of course is also written about in MP's book The Omnivore's Dilemma.

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