Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple living and simple cooking

Before entering the Peace Corps I had a period of wonderful cookery experimentation at my home.  This may or may not have been a direct effect of my unemployment at the time.  I cooked a bunch of great meals, some failures, and I had an endless list of new things to try...
I have carried over my interest in experimenting with recipes to the campo of Nicaragua.  But, as my life has been simplified a bit, so has my cooking.  I am amazed at some of the things I am cooking in the third world; and I am always impressed by the products that the natives make using very rustic kitchens.  Upon my return to the States I hope to continue producing great food ideas with fresh, local should feel SO EASY to have all the tools of a luxury kitchen.
Yesterday I prepared my first attempt of a cheddar style hard cheese.  I helped milk the cows and brought 4 L of fresh, raw milk straight home to curdle.  The cheese is currently dripping dry in a make shift mold using part of a used plastic soda bottle, a can of tuna fish, and a bottle of rum.  Haha.

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