Thursday, September 24, 2009

Avocado sorbet in the campo

Another treat that I enjoyed alone in the Peace Corps...por eso, I share the idea on my blog.  I hope others will try it.

I read a book about Citrus last year and it includes a quick recipe for a treat using avocado, lime, and sugar.  It is like a sweet gaucamole.  It is a Brasilian recipe and I imagine these ingredients are abundant there!

In rural Nicaragua I am in avocado paradise compared to the States.  I can sometimes by 3 or 4 large avocados for around $1.00 (USD); sometimes I can pick an aguacate from the tree. I recall spending around $1.00 on a single avocado in the States.

So, the other day, with a sourish lemon that fell outside of the door to my room, I whipped up an avocado, sugar, and lemon juice.  Since my house is super fancy, I actually have a fridge with a freezer (most homes in rural Nicaragua have no need for a fridge...if they have electricity, they do usually have a television however---this home has a fridge because it is owned by a city family that sells fresh cheese--it is fresh because of the refrigerator).  So, I froze this creamy mixture and the next day enjoyed rich, healthy, and delicious creamy sorbet!!

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